My Mosquito Deleter’s Effective and Environmentally Safe Mosquito Water Trap

Protect your family from mosquitoes and the viruses they carry with the help of My Mosquito Deleter, the leading mosquito larvae trap on the market. Our high quality mosquito water trap works to effectively eliminate and decrease the growth of mosquitoes. The My Mosquito Deleter mosquito water trap is easy to use and requires little to no care.

Once you determine where you want to place each mosquito water trap, you simply just add water and then 2 mosquito water tablets. After that initial setup, you only have to check the water level every 7-10 days and refill to keep the water level ½” from the top. Each month, you will only need to add one of the mosquito water tablets.

Our mosquito water trap requires no maintenance because the dirtier the water, the more mosquitoes and their larvae are attracted to the trap!

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  • My Mosquito Deleter Mosquito Water Trap Kits
  • Extra Mosquito Water Tablets

If you need any assistance on ordering our mosquito larvae trap or have any general questions, give us a call today at (850) 217-1135.

Mosquito Deleter Kits
Mosquito Deleter Kits

Mosquito Deleter Kit includes 4 Traps

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Water Conditioning Tablets
Water Conditioning Tablets

2 Month Supply of Water Conditioning Tablets

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