How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes.  How it Works

how to get rid of mosquitoes

How Your Mosquito Trap Works

So you want to know how to get rid of mosquitoes once and for all?  Our environmentally friendly mosquito trap was designed after extensive research on mosquito breeding habits. Contrary to popular belief, mosquitoes do not breed in tall grass or thick brush but instead all mosquitoes require water to reproduce. Grassy areas provide an excellent refuge for adult mosquitoes during the heat of the day but in no way contribute to mosquito breeding, nor do they provide habitat for mosquito larvae. Mosquito eggs are laid in stagnant water and must go through a development cycle (eggs to larvae to pupae to adult) that requires them to remain in the water until they become adult mosquitoes. If they are deprived of the water at any time before adult mosquitoes emerge (whether it drains away, evaporates or is dumped), the larvae will die.

The mosquito development process requires standing or stagnant water for about a week. This is important to understand because people become unnecessarily concerned about water that naturally evaporates or drains away within a few days. For instance, after a heavy rainstorm there may be standing water in ditches and swales at the side of roads, in tire ruts on construction sites, or in puddles on the road. If the water is gone in a week or less, mosquitoes will not breed in these locations because they will not be able to complete their life cycle. Mosquitoes also do not breed in moving water, such as in streams or in ponds because there is water flushing through them frequently.

More Than a Mosquito Repellant for Your Yard

Mosquito Control with Mosquito DeleterAs described above, all mosquitoes require standing water to breed, and most mosquitoes do not fly far from the location where they were bred to feed. Therefore, one of the best ways to reduce the number of mosquitoes in your yard is to implement a regular (weekly) program to dispose of accumulated water. You need more than a mosquito repellant for yard.

The most common prevention tips to reduce mosquito breeding sites are to turn over, throw away, or drill holes in the bottom of any container in your yard capable of holding water (garbage and recycling containers, for example); dump out bird baths or flush weekly with fresh water; empty potted plant saucers, outdoor pet bowls, and any children’s toys that may accumulate water regularly; and make sure rain gutters are free from clogging debris so that rain drains properly. Continue to be vigilant about any sources of standing water that you can remove, because the mosquitoes that are likely to bite you around your home are probably coming from nearby.
Ornamental ponds stocked with fish do not breed mosquitoes, because the fish eat the mosquito eggs and larvae. Similarly, natural wetlands and storm water management ponds contain habitats that support natural mosquito predators such as dragonflies, aquatic insects, fish and birds. These beneficial predators can be harmed by certain pesticides, making mosquito control that much more difficult in the long run.

My Mosquito Deleter mosquito larvae trap kit contains four traps, enough to cover an area up to one acre. The mosquito larvae trap works by mimicking the natural breeding areas of most mosquitoes, including mosquitoes known to carry the West Nile Virus.

Mosquitoes living in your yard are encouraged to lay their eggs in the mosquito larvae trap due to its unique design and the added bait enhancer. Upon hatching, the young emerging mosquitoes are confined and killed by the mosquito larvae trap, thus reducing explosive growth of the mosquito’s population in your yard. Mosquitoes normally do not live more than 15 days and do not travel more than 50-100 feet from the time they become adults.

Assembly Directions for Our Mosquito Trap

How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes

  1. Place the ascension barrier in the bucket with the cones facing upward.
  2. Snap funnel in place.
  3. Connect handle ends in to handle notches.
  4. Slowly fill with water from any source, allowing trapped air to escape.
  5. Place two conditioning mosquito water tablets in each bucket.
  6. Place buckets in shaded areas of the yard spacing them up to 150 feet apart.
  7. Check water levels every two weeks, add water if needed.
  8. Approximately once a month, add one of the mosquito water tablets, clean bucket if necessary.
  9. Four traps will cover an area up to one acre. In wooded or wet areas more traps may be needed depending on conditions.

Take back your yard and enjoy the season with the help of My Mosquito Deleter’s mosquito water trap.

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