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Effective and Environmentally Safe Mosquito Water Trap

Welcome to My Mosquito Deleter, the leading source for environmentally safe mosquito control water tablets and traps! We are proud to offer a choice of mosquito water tablets that contain no poisons or chemicals and are safe for humans and pets.

Facts about Mosquitos

Both male and female mosquitoes are nectar feeders, but the females of many species are also capable of hematophagy (drinking blood). Females do not require blood for their own survival, but they do need supplemental substances such as protein and iron to develop eggs. Prior to and during blood feeding, they inject saliva into the bodies of their source(s) of blood. Female mosquitoes hunt their blood host by detecting carbon dioxide (CO2) and 1-octen-3-ol from a distance.

What are My Mosquito Deleter Mosquito Water Tablets?

MMD’s mosquito control products can be an effective way to decrease the populations of mosquitoes in your home and backyard. The pill and mosquito water trap was designed by the scientist, Juan Arturo Samaniego Nieto, and it uses mosquitoes’ natural breeding habits to safely and effectively eliminate mosquito populations.

How Do the Mosquito Water Tablets Work?

Ninety-five percent (95%) mosquito populations breed using stagnant water. MMD uses the breeding patterns of mosquitos which consist of them laying eggs in water. When they lay their eggs in the MMD mosquito water trap, they will fall downward through the MMD's patented baffle system. Once in the MMD mosquito water trap system, the mosquito larvae cannot surface for air and they drown.

Setting Up The Mosquito Water Trap and Mosquito Water Tablets

To effectively create your personal mosquito water trap, you will need to set up the traps in areas that mosquitos populate. You will then fill the trap so that the water level is within ½” of the top of the trap or you can use the rough part of the black cone to determine this. This is important because it will leave room for air which the larvae look for. Once you fill the trap, you will then drop 2 of the mosquito water tablets into the water. For maximum effectiveness, you should add one of the mosquito water tablets each month after the first month.

How to Maintain the MMD Mosquito Water Trap

Our product is easy to use and requires minimal maintenance! You simply need to check the water levels once every week just to ensure the water level is around ½” from the top. You will also need to add 1 of the mosquito water tablets each month. The MMD mosquito water trap also works better if it is not clean since the dirtier the water, the more it attracts mosquitoes. If you need to clean the mosquito water trap, it is suggested that you only do so one or twice a season.

To learn more about our effective and environmentally safe mosquito water trap, give us a call at (850)217-1135, today.

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Len K. wrote:

The combination of a very cold winter in S Florida, combined with my Deleters all around the yard has kept our yard and many of our neighbors virtually mosquito free this summer. Spring was enjoyable but you almost just waited until after October to be outside, especially around sun down. Awesome product!.

Len K.
Delray Beach, FL


Tim M. wrote:

It really works everyone in the Virgin Islands should have one!

Tim M.
US Virgin Islands


Mike S. wrote:

If you hate mosquitoes this will do the trick!

Mike S.
Hyattsville, MD

Richard W. wrote:

Three reasons why you should buy it:
1. It is inexpensive.
2. It is easy to use.

Richard W.
Detroit, MI


Jim M. wrote:

This is a very effective product and I highly recommend it!

Jim M.
Destin, FL

Sam M. wrote:

The mosquitoes were too numerous to count and a real nuisance at our house in College Station, TX. You could not sit outside on the patio for two minutes. I placed My Mosquito Deleters around the house and three weeks later we could sit out on the porch for an hour and not be bothered even once. Amazing! Even when mowing the grass I did not have the normal swarms of mosquitoes. We are very pleased with our Mosquito Deleter and recommended to our friends. Thanks, Sam M.