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You want your yard back! It’s our job to give it to you. Mosquito Deleter is committed to ridding your yard of the dangerous, aggravating mosquitoes that ruin your outdoor fun and threaten your peace of mind. My Mosquito Deleter™ is an outdoor mosquito control system that is all-natural, chemical free, pesticide free, electricity free, propane tank free way to rid your yard of pesky mosquitoes. Safe, easy, and EFFECTIVE! The Mosquito Deleter Kit contains everything you need to eliminate mosquitoes.  Each kit contains 4 mosquito water traps and mosquito water tablets for each that are easy to use and can be assembled in minutes. They require little to no maintenance, you only need to quickly assemble the four deleters, add water and a table, then place them throughout your yard!

Outdoor Mosquito Control. How it Works.

Significantly reduce or even collapse local mosquito populations by decreasing the number of egg-laying females through their capture.  Mosquitoes living in your yard are encouraged to lay their eggs in the mosquito trap due to its unique design and the added bait enhancer. Upon hatching, the young emerging mosquitoes are confined and killed by the mosquito trap, thus reducing explosive growth of the mosquito’s population in your yard. Mosquitoes normally do not live more than 15 days and do not travel more than 50-100 feet from the time they become adults. So killing the egg-laying females will effectively eliminate the mosquito population for your yard.   — Makes a great present for your neighbors!

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