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Providing the Best Mosquito Control

At My Mosquito Deleter, we strive to provide only effective mosquito control products for you and your family. Our mosquito water trap and mosquito water tablets are easy to use and can be assembled in minutes. They require little to no maintenance, you only need to assemble the four deleters, add water and a table, then place them throughout your yard!

My Mosquito Deleter, the leading mosquito water trap and mosquito pellets for standing water are made by Culex Products Inc.  Our experts are excited to offer this safe and environmentally friendly product to help prevent the spread of disease carrying mosquitoes.

Story of My Mosquito Deleter

Our company owes its start to Juan Arturo Samaniego Nieto, a scientist in the country of Panama. While researching the mosquito and its way of life, Mr. Nieto discovered mosquitoes are a deadly predator because they transmit a variety of different blood diseases throughout the world. From these studies he made it his mission to develop a way to effectively kill and prevent the spread of mosquitoes. He began by studying and understanding the exact nature of the particular mosquitoes. This included discovering their reproductive processes, feeding habits, flight range, etc.

Once Mr. Nieto gathered enough information and research, he developed an economical trap and water treatment for mosquitoes to prevent the spread of them without using any harsh chemicals. That’s when he founded Culex Products, Inc, the word Culex meaning mosquito in Latin.

Juan Arturo Samaniego Nieto worked closely with many scientists to find a safe way of creating a breeding ground that would trap and contain the offspring of adult mosquitoes. In Panama, Mr. Nieto was concerned about using harsh chemicals and the residuals the chemicals leave behind. As a result, he designed the best mosquito control system to trap and trap and eliminate mosquitoes and their larvae. He knew if he could keep the mosquito offspring contained; it would help control the spread of adult female mosquitoes.

After Mr. Nieto designed My Mosquito Deleter, he contracted an American company in the state of Florida to finalize all the research and development to begin manufacturing his product. He wanted to have it made in the United States to maintain the quality and standards that he demanded for this product. Extreme Business Center has been involved in the creation of the product since day one. My Mosquito Deleter has been reclaiming yards for 11 years now and we look forward on helping you reclaim yours.