My Mosquito Deleter FAQ

Mosquito Control

The Mosquito Deleter is great for backyards, common grounds, schools and public places.  Buy online today or learn more about our “Fund Raising” opportunities.

Q. How much water should I put in My Mosquito Deleter?
A. Fill My Mosquito Deleter so that the water level is within 1/2” of the top of the trap or to the rough part of the black cone. This will leave room for air which the larvae look for.
Q. How can I get the discount code for My Mosquito Deleter?
A. My Mosquito Deleter discount codes are presented as a part of our radio and other special promotion advertising. Contact Customer Service for additional information.
Q. How many water conditioning tablets are needed for My Mosquito Deleter?
A. Each trap requires two (2) water conditioning tablets when you initially start the process and put your traps out for the first time. Each month add one (1) additional tablet for maximum effectiveness. Each My Mosquito Deleter kit includes four (4) traps so you will need four (4) tablets per month. A My Mosquito Deleter kit comes with a two (2) month supply of tablets. Our promotional offers include one month (1) additional supply of tablets – this may vary with the promotion. You can always purchase additional tablets at the store. Just go here for a year’s supply of tablets or here for 1 month’s supply of tablets.
Q. What do I need to do to maintain My Mosquito Deleter?

A. Minimal maintenance is required. Periodically, (if possible every 7-10 days) you should check the water level of the traps and refill as required to keep the level to around one-half inch from the top of the trap. Each month add one (1) water conditioning tablet to each trap. Finally, you should avoid cleaning the traps as long as possible. Unfortunately , the dirtier the water, the better for her to drop her eggs. If you need to clean them, then clean them once or twice a season.