What Customers are Saying About MMD

LOVE this product!  Have used several years now.  Environmentally safe, no electricity, and effective!  I highly recommend My Mosquito Deleter!

Linda. T

Driftwood, TX

Works fantastic!!! I have three acres in Wisconsin and hardly any seen!! They used to hang even in sun in afternoon.. what a great invention!!!

Betsy. R

Franklin, WI

Mosquito Deleter is one of best products I have used to beat the bite! Super effective, easy to use, and removes the mosquito nuisance from our outdoor living. I highly recommend!

Mike. R

New Orleans, LA.

We love Mosquito Deleter! This thing really works, and the best of all: no chemicals! Super quick and easy assembly of the product, fill with water, and you’re good to go. We placed our Deleters around the perimeter of our yard, two in the back and two in the front. I check on them periodically and know they’re working because I can see the different life stages of the mosquitoes.. with the confined mature ones stuck inside unable to get out.  I’m a mosquito magnet that can get 10-15 bites in an evening, and with the Mosquito Deleter I get NONE. No bug spray, candles, or exterminators. I absolutely recommend this product!

Hanah A.

Kansas City, Missouri

Since we purchased my Mosquito Deleter we have noticed a huge difference in our yard. We have about a 1/4 acre and we put one in each corner of the property and Magic…No mosquito’s!

Julie N.

Destin, Florida

I love love love my Deleter – we have 38 acres of land and 3 ponds and the deleter does a great job keeping mosquitoes away from our log home. Tip to users, you don’t have to hang them. They can sit on a railing, the ground, or in a flower pot. Helps keep the bucket from breaking down.

Kay H.

Murry, Kentucky

This is the best mosquito trap which is nonchemical and is safe around your pets and children. All you do is keep water in the trap in the trap does the rest. This trap is effective in catching the Zika mosquito. I highly recommend this to everyone.

John M.

Destin, Florida

My solution to the serious mosquito problem in my Hyattsville, MD back yard…My Mosquito Deleter. My traps are full of Mosquito lavre that will not get out and bite me and will die inside the trap. Great Product!

Mac N.

Hyattsville, Maryland

We lost our original Mosquito Deleters in Hurricane Maria last year…among other things. Once we got settled back in our home, one of the first things I did was reorder more deleters. We have a massive mosquito problem here in the Islands and have used many other products that don’t work, this one works and it’s not made in China! Thanks guys for all of your help.

Andrea K.

St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

We’ve been using My Mosquito Deleter for over 5 years and just recently we had to re-order another kit because the Hawaii sun finally got to them. Great service, we received our new ones within a week of ordering from the mainland.

Thomas K.

Honolulu, Hawaii

Without Mosquito Deleter we would not be able to go in our yard or patio at all. This is our third season using Mosquito Deleter traps and they work. They are a great conversation peace, when we have family or friends over we show the larvae swimming inside the traps and they are amazed of how many are in there. Just make sure to ad water on a regular basis.

Jackie X.

West Babylon, New York

I started using my mosquito deleter about 5 years ago. They worked well, but I still had mosquitos. Two years ago, I stopped using them and hired Terminix mosquito treatment. This worked at first spray, but they never completely went away, and I had to call Terminix back out several times. This year I cancelled Terminix and brought out the deleter traps again. The other day we were sitting by the pool and my neighbor next door asked if we were sprayed down with Off, because he could not sit by his pool and not get eaten up. I told him we were pretty mosquito free.

This is great product; it is cheap mosquito control. I think the reason it did not work real good 5 years ago was I never paid attention to the monthly use of accelerator tablets which prepares the water to attract the mosquitoes. This year I kept renewing the tablets and the mosquito population just went away. Another critical element is do not wait for mosquito season to use the traps. Set out the traps early in the season like in March.


Rusty W.

Shalimar, Florida

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